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Frogtown Artwalk

Los Angeles

A collaboration with Los Angeles-based practice

LA-Más to design signage for the Frogtown Artwalk and the launch of Play The LA River - a year-long series of arts events celebrating this critical yet neglected public waterway.


Using a palette of colours derived from Deborah Sussman’s work for LACMA in 1965 and references to the icons and other techniques she employed at the LA Olympics in 1984, we designed a series of unique decorative patterns to identify each of the venues taking part in the event.  The designs were then transferred onto 48 large-scale numbers cut from plywood, and then hand-painted with the help of volunteers from the local community.


Exploring our own fascination with larger-than-life signage, this project attempts to update the experiments of the Supergraphic movement, of which Sussman was a leading advocate.  Strikingly distinct from the various architectural backdrops they stood against, and enlivening otherwise blank facades, the numbers assumed a character of their own whilst providing a transformative and readily recognizable identity for the whole event.

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